Summer ready..

And I’m not talking summer body ready... don’t worry if your beach body isn’t quite there yet I mean it’s not like we have had the weather to motivate us yet, and spring clearly hasn’t played ball this year, so why not get our gardens summer ready instead to be ready for a summers evening in the sunshine with family and friends (if summer actually arrives).  

I have to admit gardening isn’t really my thing, but I do like my garden to look nice when entertaining, if you haven’t the time to do your garden then there are many trusted landscape gardeners that would love to help or you could just invite the parents around for dinner...wink wink (you see where I’m going with this). Anyway if you are green fingered or just can’t afford a gardener then here’s some tips to get it ship shape and looking great. 


So is your grass up to your knees and weeds popping out of what seems like every crack in the patio? Get the weed killer out or to start your motivation of a beach body you could use that handy weed scrapper garden tool thingy (not sure what it’s called) it will give you a good work out in the process. Crank up the lawn mower and don’t forget the edges. 


Sweeping Is also a great way to exercise, also if your hedges and bushes are in need of a good trim get them oversized scissors out at get trimming,try and turn your hedge into a swan if you have the time... only kidding.  

So once the lawn, hedges and weeds have been tackled check your patio it may have gone a lovely shade of green in some places, give it a good scrub or if your lucky enough to own a jet wash give it a blast. Then it’s time to sweep down the cobwebs off all your garden furniture, get your parasol’s out of hiding and try and find the sun lounges (be optimistic you may need them one day) they are probably buried behind the kids scooters, bikes,sledges and toys then get the all important BBQ Cover off...yes us British love a good BBQ. 



So once the hard graft is done all that’s left is to make it look beautiful with the finer details similar to designing an interior it doesn’t stop on the outside. Finer details such as plant pots, new cushions for the chairs if needed. If your fences are in need of a little tlc give them a lick of paint or change the colour completely if you fancy. Get planting in some lovely new plant pots or old ones if they have survived the winter. 

Lighting in the garden is important it can create a lovely atmosphere and you can get so may affordable solar and battery lights now days. Lighting can illuminate a particular feature  or create a welcoming place to sit and relax on a summers evening with a glass of wine with friends. 


A lovely water feature can look great too also garden mirrors can add interest,bounce light and give the illusion of a larger garden in smaller spaces.

Some lanterns dotted around look great too, up staircases and near seating areas these create a relaxing feel,also a lovely fire pit to give warmth on late evenings outside,get a few throws and scatter pillows too to get really comfy.  

Some vases with rosemary or lavender look great placed on tables for effect and can give off a lovely fresh scent.


So once you have perfected your accessories it’s time to message your friends and family,nip down the shops get all your bbq food and drink, kick back and enjoy your garden and hope it doesn’t rain ... well we all know how unpredictable our British summers can be happy gardening and entertaining.


Bye for now  

Stacy  x

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stacy mastroianni