Child’s play...

As much as we love our little rug rats they do like to change their minds quicker than a cheetah catches it’s prey. (I’m talking from experience, I have a lovely step-daughter and two cheeky boy monkeys). So when it comes to choosing their bedroom decor this needs to be considered if you want the bedroom to grow with them and not cost the earth. 



So your little darling goes though a phase of Mini Mouse or dinosaurs that’s all they watch, play, talk and dream about. My advice is to NOT then go and wallpaper the whole room in Mini the Mouse wallpaper and get the matching bedding, cushions, curtains and lamps. This is a big mistake as next month they will start liking LOL dolls and the boys Super Mario. Then you are left with a room that they no longer like and they want it plastered in super Mario things and dinosaurs are now “for babies!!” (They weren’t last week).


When it comes to children’s bedrooms my advice is to choose the colour scheme from something they like, even let them get involved (to some extent), don’t give them full responsibility of choosing the colour scheme or you could have a very eclectic room. So use this as a starting point once you have chosen the colour start looking at wether any existing furniture complements the new colour scheme or you need to look at a few new pieces to complement it better, then look for the all important finer details and accessories. It’s  perfectly fine to add a little of what they love like lamps (the lamp shades can easily be replaced) even bedding, but wallpaper and curtains are not so easily replaced and not cheap to replace either. So please consider your accessories carefully.


Small touches of what they love look great and effective, better than a whole room full of their favourite characters which lets face it they will be their favourite for around a week, maybe a month if we are lucky. Another good trick is to find some wallpaper samples with their favourite characters on or posters from the magazines they make you purchase on the weekly food shop and claim they so desperately need to read it but really just want the toys attached to the front and the magazine is tossed to one side..(come on we have all been there), frame the posters and display them on the walls, these again can be changed inexpensively as they grow. Framing your children’s drawings is a great way to showcase their artwork in their very own gallery that they can show family and friends. 


I suppose I’m trying to say be creative and ask your children what they would like in their bedroom (to an extent) as they do spend a lot of time in their rooms playing,sleeping and working (also making a mess!!..a lot of mess..) so quite rightly it should showcase some of their little,sometimes crazy personalities. It’s all about finding middle ground between you and what the children would like. Definitely have fun,be creative and most of all make it adaptable so the room can grow with your child.

Happy decorating and good luck compromising with your children, we all know how good they are at compromising (I find bribery is the way forward). Another little tip for you there...

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