Hello... So dare I say that spring has finally arrived...ish?! 

I for one am hoping so, it’s time to get our homes ready and do the big declutter and spring clean from what seems to have been a very long winter of snow and hibernating under our fluffy blankets infront of the roaring fire (although I am still lighting mine now). But we have had a few days lately giving us hope that spring is trying to pop through those winter clouds so I wanted to blog a few tips on how to get your home ready for spring. 

Let’s start first with the declutter phase, don’t just set yourself one day to do this task, you may be in the right frame of mind and think I can do this.. but you may be overwhelmed after one room especially the children’s rooms,never mind the whole house in one day. Take your time and do a room a week or a few draws one day and the wardrobe a few days later. (Rome wasn’t built in a day).

When organising the stuff you no longer want or need like children’s toys and clothes or your clothes think first before throwing out anything,charity shops are very grateful for unwanted clothes,books,toys all in good condition and working order obviously. Or there may be family or friends that would benefit from your unwanted items, even your child’s local school or nursery may make use of some of the books and toys you no longer use or need. You could play the four box challenge in each room your decluttering, put four empty boxes in the room your tackling one for trash, one for charity, one to sell and one to keep (the kids can even get involved with this one too). 


 You could even do a good old car boot sale (it could be fun), if you wanted to earn a little extra money to go towards your new items your bound to purchase, out with the old in with the new and all that.It might be your junk now but will become someone else’s treasure. 

So once you have tackled all your draws and wardrobes and unwanted accessories around the home and dropped off at charity shops or even braved the car boot it’s time to clean up the home.  

As soon as the sun pops out and the temperature starts to rise we love to open our blinds and curtains burst open the windows and let in the fresh spring air...then you turn round and the sun shows up all the dust and smeared cloudy windows. 

So firstly I would tackle the windows outside (or pay your friendly local window cleaner to clean them for you) I’d prefer the second option, then a little clean inside. Dust your blinds and clear and clean your window ledges. 

Then tackle the dust the sun starts to show up, this is the only thing I don't like about the sun...Wipe down all your cabinets,cupboards, kitchen appliances maybe even the dreaded oven, also the doors even skirting boards and get that feather duster out on all your ceiling corners where any incy wincy's have enjoyed their stay at yours over the winter. Also make sure you are having a few tea breaks inbetween all of these tasks or a glass or two of wine the choice is yours I’d prefer the second choice, is there a pattern forming here?!...



So by now I think you will have the spring cleaning bug (and possibly be a little tispy..if you chose option two) continue to clean where you see fit and tackle any other draws or boxes of untidy unwanted items... you know what your doing by now. While doing all the cleaning start to wash and pack away your fluffy blankets and wintery cushions till next winter and treat yourself to some thinner spring coloured ones to complement your colour scheme or if your not too traumatised from the big declutter you may even fancy a colour change in some rooms to spruce up the home. The colour change could also be another excuse to join the car booter's and sell your old items if you enjoyed the first experience. It’s so easy to brighten up a room by adding a few new cushions and throws which gives an instant impact and doesn’t cost the earth. 


So I hope I have inspired you to start your big declutter and spring clean (I need to start mine too....) happy organising...and once you have finished give yourself a tap on the back and put your feet up in your newly clean, tidy and organised home... well before the kids get home from school.  

Thank you for reading and happy cleaning...

Bye for now

Stacy x

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Mess and clutter in our lives has a direct impact on our mood,cleaning and organising actually makes us happier - Envi Interiors
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