A little bit of Ying and yang...


I thought it would be a good time to talk about Feng shui as we all start to catch the spring cleaning bug now the weather is picking up a little.

It’s all about Balance and balance within the home is a must...some people may think ‘what a load of tosh’ but it really is true...

This is where Feng shui comes in ‘ying and yang’ it really is common sense. I completed a feng shui interior design course and it really opened my eyes to how simple things can be for a better flow through the home. Flow?! you might think, but all will become clear when I explain this flow of energy and how you can help create a better flow within your homes.

Feng Shui or Fengshui is also known as Chinese Geomancy a pseudoscience which claims to use energy sources to harmonise individuals with their environment and surroundings. The term Feng shui translated means Wind - Water two of earths flowing elements. 

The Five Elements.. 

These are the five elements in Feng Shui and it’s said that to create a good energy within our homes we should try to balance these well within our Interiors. 








So the energy is called CHI. It is believed that how you arrange your home can affect how energy (chi) flows through your home. It needs to flow with ease and not too fast. 

Front Entrance... 

It all starts at your front door... this is where the good energy (chi) enters your home, they do say that placing a water fountain somewhere near your front door helps bring more cash your way... the flowing energy of water symbolises wealth ...worth a try right?!... 


Entering the home your hallway and porch (if you have one) should be clear from anything that might be blocking the good energy reaching all your other rooms. so moving shoes, bikes, toys or old newspapers and also clear anything from behind your front door to allow as much good energy in as you can.  Basically de cluttering and keeping your hallway clear. But to slow down the rush of good energy entering though the door add art work to your walls or an area rug to make guests stop and look. 

Feng Shui in the bedroom... 

Feng Shui experts say that one of the most important things in the bedroom is the position of your bed.. your bed should never be under the Window. Your head shouldn’t be under a window whilst sleeping. 

Place your bed against a solid wall and always have a headboard. Never have your feet facing the door either. There should also be equal space on each side of the bed for both people to be able to get out and have ample space. Also make sure your bed is clutter free underneath so the energy can reach the whole room and doesn’t stop under your bed. 

Mirrors in the bedroom... some Feng Shui experts have opposing views on mirrors in the bedroom. Round or oval mirrors symbolises continuity within a relationship and helps with the flow of energy in the room.  


Round or oval mirrors in the bedroom 


They say never have a mirror opposite your bed as this may cause infidelity and be jarring if you catch a glimps of your reflection if you wake in the middle of the night. 

Instead place a full length mirror away from your bed preferably so you can see the reflection of the door and who is entering the room. 

Decorate your bedroom with Earthy hues such as blues, greens and browns. This is also backed by the National Sleep Foundction. If we see these earthy tones it’s said that our heart rates and blood pressure lower to prepare our bodies for sleep.



Maximise Natural Day Light... 

You should maximise the natural day light within your home this is where Mirrors become addictive in Feng Shui, placed in the right positions mirrors are magic at adding light to smaller rooms and making your home brighter which in turn makes us happier.  


In Feng Shui you should always leave the bathroom door closed and the toilet seat down...like that happens with men and little boys in the house but still. This is because water leaves the home here and in this Chinese tradition water is related to wealth and no one wants their wealth flushed down the toilet do they?! 

Home office ...

The position of your chair within your home office is very important. Place it in a commanding position... don’t have your back to the door and your desk should be a little away from the door not inline with it. Give it a try.   


One of if not the most important rooms in the home the heart of the home as it’s addressed. This room needs to have good Feng Shui as it’s the only room where all five elements are present. So it’s important to balance this room from where the stove (fire) and sink (water) are placed through to the de cluttering and keeping the door closed as much as possible so there is no conflict in elements that could create bad energy and an imbalance.

This is where the triangle in kitchen design comes in when you place the stove, sink and fridge in a triangle within the design. There needs to be space between the elements for them to work efficiently. 


It’s also said that a well stocked fridge symbolises wealth...so get food shopping.


I hope I’ve opened your eyes to the good energy that could flow through your home, for a more simple, less cluttered and relaxed feeling to your surroundings, from some de cluttering, looking at where items are placed within the home. Moving some furniture into better positions and closing your toilet seats to hopefully become wealthier.

Oh and don’t forget your water fountains and a good old Buddha ornament somewhere is good too. 

Right I’m off to close my toilet seat now after  my boys have been in there...I do it all day long...

Thanking you for taking the time to read I hope you enjoyed it and are inspired to start  Feng Shui-ing your Interiors. 

Bye for now  

Stacy x

stacy mastroianni